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Coming to a new church is not easy -- lots of new faces and names to put together, and people to get to know. I rather imagine we have all been in that situation where we are at a new job, new church, or new school and we stand there looking at a sea of faces wondering how we will ever connect. What if you knew that by simply crossing the room and saying hello to someone you could change that person's life and yours forever?

That is what coming to church and walking the Christ-centered path is all about -- engaging interactions with the promise of changing our lives and our hereafters! The first step, crossing the room and talking to someone is the hardest. Our prayer is that this website will help you to take that first step, to join us in worship on Sunday morning and in one of the many opportunities for fellowship, service, and study. That here you will find a place to connect with the sea of faces that greets you on Sunday morning in ways that change lives.

You have found a very special place set on a Holy Hill, filled with people who want to walk across the room specifically to meet you and share the blessings you bring. We are so glad you have come!  Welcome!